The Global Family Medicine Scientific Alliance – GFMSA was established in 2014 as an initiative issued by the International Family Medicine Conference and Exhibition- IFM to promote the Family Medicine Education through science, dialogue and networking.

As a platform to foster common objectives and goals regarding the various aspects of Family Medicine, the GFMSA is dedicated to encourage and guide the family medicine professionals and help them to contribute effectively to the science and the community with their innovative ideas and services.

The GFMSA is not only a platform that fosters common objectives and goals covering various aspects of Family Medicine, it is also dedicated to inspire and guide the new generation of family medicine professionals and encourage them to learn, share their knowledge and innovative research while contributing to this industry and the community in general.

I welcome all Family Medicine associations, societies, institutions, organizations and observers to meet and network with enthusiasm by contributing with their expertise and recommendations, making this Scientific Forum a leading contributor to the global family education and primary health care services.


Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani
Executive Chairman, GFMSA