Membership and Categories

Membership and Categories

 Official National

1) Family Medicine Association/ Societies

2) Ministries  of Health

3) Health Authorities

 Associate Members

1) Family Medicine Organizations  ( WONCA,IHF), Universities, Academies, Meetings, Publications.

 Industry Members

1) Companies may apply for membership. Attendance at the GSFMA is required to be at Director and or Scientific Research & Development capacity.

 Observer Status:

Individuals on application will be considered for the meeting on an annual basis.

 Membership Term:

Term roles annually after initial application’s approved. Members are requested to provide statistical update annually and advise the Alliance’s Secretariat of attendance at the meeting no later than 31st December. If members are unable to attend membership will remain.

 Members may withdraw membership at any time in writing. The Executive has the right to terminate membership at its own discretion.


Each Organisation is provided with one seat in the GSFMA meeting as nominated by the member organisation.

 Membership Criteria:

By application approval is provided by the Executive Chairman of the Global Scientific Family Medicine Alliance.